The Hard and the Soft

the hard and the soft

The Hard and the Soft

Track Listings

1. I Don't Care
2. Don't Forget
3. Peter Gunn
4. Tribute
5. Plaid
6. Hocus Pocus
7. Mystère
8. The Song Remains the Same
9. Fall
10. Change
11. Weather or Not
12. Braindancer

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About the Artist
Psychoteria is Errol Antzis on guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion and vocals. Having been a musician for over 25 years, Mr. Antzis combines a broad range of stylistic influences, including metal, progressive rock, pop and jazz while maintaining a keen sense of melodic invention. Mr. Antzis is an M.I.T. graduate in electrical engineering whose musical background includes many years of professional performance in New York City, as well as composing, engineering and producing the Psychoteria CD's in his recording facility in Manhattan.

Product Description
"The Hard and the Soft" is the second release from Psychoteria, and follows upon the success of the first with the addition of vocals to a number of the guitar-based rock instrumental songs. The CD contains a unique blend of rock instrumental songwriting with technically sophisticated performance. Some very creative covers are included, such as a remake of Hocus Pocus (by Focus) as well as a very intriguing version of the theme from Peter Gunn. Fans of Schenker, Vai and Satriani will love this CD.

The Hard and the Soft,Psychoteria

Rock Music:

  1. Udu Wudu [Import]
  2. Ultraglide in Black [Import]
  3. Up the Bracket [Import]
  4. Very Best of Rock N Roll [Import]
  5. War
  6. What a State I'm In: The Psych Pop Sessions [Import]
  7. Wizards & Demons: Music Inspired by the Writings [Import]
  8. WJMK: Great Ladies of Rock 'N' Roll 50's
  9. WJMK: Great Ladies of Rock 'N' Roll 60's
  10. WJMK: Great Ladies of Rock 'N' Roll 70's

Rock Music

rock music

Rock Music

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Bartók: Concerto For Orchestra/Ravel: Daphnis And Chloé, Suite No.2

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Branson USA, Vol. 1: Pickers & Fiddlers

Bella Serenata

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All the Gear But No Idea [Import]

Arvo Pärt: Orient & Occident

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