Northern Westchester has a broad variety of areas, ranging from the metropolitan feel of Pleasantville and Chappaqua to the exclusivity of Waccabuc.

Living in Northern Westchester

Northern Westchester has a broad variety of areas, ranging from the metropolitan feel of Pleasantville and Chappaqua to the exclusivity of Waccabuc. The area’s residents include many notable celebrities as well as politicians, financiers and others who desire a calming environment combined with easy access and commutability to Manhattan, typically an hour or less. Other major cities nearby include Greenwich, Stamford, Danbury and White Plains, all hubs for major corporations.
Most Northern Westchester towns offer the amenities of New York City without the congestion, noise and claustrophobia. While driving is a necessity, typically every need or desire is a short ride away.
One of the major benefits of Northern Westchester is the high ranking of its school systems, many of which are not only rated as the best in New York State, but also some of the best in the nation. This, combined with the area’s social and environmental benefits and ease of access provide incredible value when seeking to purchase a residence. You may view statistics and other information regarding schools in Westchester here:…
Westchester serves as a capital for many major businesses, including IBM, ITT and PepsiCo. These are among some of the largest U.S. companies that have chosen Westchester as their base, providing easy travel times for employees as well as comfortable settings for workers.
Northern Westchester has grown markedly in recent years, both culturally and economically, while in most towns retaining a bucolic and relaxed feeling. Restaurants of every level and nationality are abundant, as is shopping of all kinds. Specialty stores are resident in nearly every town, and nearby malls contain larger retailers such as Apple, Nordstrom and others.
Northern Westchester’s parks are among the state’s most spacious and beautiful. Hiking, swimming and nature walks are abundant, and the ability to partake of their benefits is typically only moments away from most residences. Please see information regarding Westchester County Parks here: and Westchester County recreation here:…/The-Best-Recreation-I…/
Home values in Northern Westchester, while having grown steadily over the past decade, remain affordable and attractive in comparison with more metropolitan areas. Prices are quite varied by area, and can range from a few hundred thousand dollars for a three to four bedroom home to tens of millions of dollars for hundred acre estates. The majority of homes sell for amounts between three hundred thousand and three million dollars, with the latter typically including large amounts of land and elegant structures. Architectural styles throughout the area are quite varied, ranging from hundred-year-old colonials to the most modern of contemporary constructs. Taxes vary widely but are usually quite affordable in comparison with more metropolitan vicinities.
Overall, Northern Westchester provides great value, wonderful schools, easy access to Manhattan and its own set of unique charms and characteristics.